5 Types of people you would notice on a Road Travel.

5 Types of people you would notice on a Road Travel.

Travelling by bus or taxi(whatever) they are certain groups of people you can’t miss. They make travelling sweet and a bit memorable.So let’s get on the bus and pick them out.

1)The sleepers;

These guys are incredible, they tend to sleep thirty minutes after the journey begins and tend to wake up some minutes before they reach their destination. Some tend to sleep in batches I.e sleep,wake up,eat(maybe),look around, sleep etc.
They can get annoying especially when they start leaning heavily on you or snoring heavily (#shit).

2)The Chatterbox:

These are the main guys who make road travel interesting A chatter box sees you and picks interest in you then what follows is a good discussion long enough to become a novel.They thrill the passengers with jokes(funny and dry),current happenings and the latest innovations.They engage in long discussion with friends, Acquaintance, drivers and even sleepers.A chatterbox is someone you would love to be in the bus with because of their versatility and incredible ability to remain current. They are football lovers, politics enthusiasts and big time blog followers.
These guys break the silence in any Road transport.

3)Media Mongoose;

These guys get into the bus with their phones, two batteries (probably), a USB cord,mobile charger and a power bank. They go into the bus with phones loaded with credit, a genuine data subscription and who knows ,3G network. They pay for their bus tickets engage in a prayer and finally start browsing. They are mostly on Instant messaging sites,social networks updating status, surfing Google and making research, taking ‘travel selfies’,video chatting,updating blogs and maybe engaging in one online business or the other. They tend to become sleepers when the battery runs down and there is no source to replenish it.They hardly become chatters since their energy has been exhausted on the net.
I Think I fall In That Category 🙂

4)The Scholars;

These guys get into the bus and once it starts moving they start a prayer, after that they deep their hands into back and what comes out is a book,bible, or a phone that probably has an Ebook in it and they start reading immediately.They may play some cool music to themselves,listen to the chatter and once they are through, they fall asleep only to wake up and sleep again.

5)the Observers;

These guys are common, they start their routine these way;Check phone updates,update social media status, talk a little, listen to chatterboxes and then face the window.They are usually seen at the front or close to the window to observe the landscapes.
They are usually the first to notice mirages, notice fights,accidents and then they finally fall asleep.

Okay then, you have seen them feel free to identity them on your next road trip and if you find out more tell me by commenting. I am alighting at this bus stop.SEE YA.
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