A month ago, I wrote a post on how to win a talent show and I was pleased and excited by the great comments my esteemed readers gave me.I noticed that many asked me to write more in the topic and this is what I will do.Before that, feel free to like our official facebook page wisdom bank You have to bear in mind that you can’t win a talent show/contest if you do not discover your talent(that special gift God embedded in you) and after discovering it,you have to develop it.let’s look at this steps.
STEP 1-LEARN MORE ABOUT IT(TALENT): If you discover you have a gift/talent in(e.g singing), feel free to learn everything about it,the types, kinds,genres, secrets and tips.Make sure you know at least 90% of the good part of that talent,so that you can put it Into practice and also at least 98% of the bad part so that you can innocently avoid it.For an individual who is good in drawing, learning about its types(Gothic,pointillism,abstract, pop art ,etc.),kinds,evolution is his/her first step in developing that talent.
Once you have learnt about your talent pick a role model from a number of experienced individuals in that field. E.g A person that has a talent in singing may pick Don Moen,Tye Tribbet or even Michael Jackson as their role model. Your role model should sing the same kind of song you fancy.When you are learning about them try to copy the good in them and endeavor to dump their bad habits (if they have) so that you won’t fall a prey to it.
STEP 3-PRACTICE: Now you know all about your talent. Set out a day to practice or a specific amount of time each day to practice. If your talent is singing train your voice everyday, every week, try to score(learn )songs that requires hard work, passion etc.also as you practice, research and then specialize yourself and as well be versatile in your chosen area.
Do not be ashamed to display your talent,accept challenges, even if you fail keep trying and toiling till you get it right.Now this step will definitely throw you into spotlight. Accept any decent and sincere challenge/competition despite the price, join clubs and groups of like minded and equally talented people so as to improve yourself.
Now if you would want more details, check out my blog post on how to win talent shows Click hereThanks for your comments.

-always put God first because he gave you that talent and he also knows where you will end up if you use your talent well.Consult God before taking any step.
-avoid any trace of proudness because it will definitely pull you down.
-please consider the life of your role model before choosing them because “who you follow determines what follows you”



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