5 things that makes you a winner in any quiz..

In 2012,I was in year three in my Junior School and I was privileged to attend a science contest. After the written exam, I was close to being for the national contest but I had to cross a hurdle and that was the quiz section and surprisingly I lost.Two years ago,I went for the same competition as a year two student in senior school and after applying some tips I moved from sixth to second and I qualified for the national contest. Now these are those little tips I put in place.

1). Be prepared: In my Junior class, I was 45percent prepared since I thought I was some sort of genius but when I met other guys,I knew I was a jerk.Now in my senior class I made sure I was at least 90percent ready by reading almost every textbook and past question I could lay my hands on and that pushed me from being a jerk to a genius.

2). Calm down: Once you are tensed up in a quiz competition, you tend to forget so many things. So anytime you go for a quiz,calm down, smile, pray and allow the answers to flow through you like the wind.

3). Think through: When you are asked a question, before you answer,think through the question so that you won’t fall prey to all those tricky simple questions that are positioned there to make you fail. So don’t rush into an answer but take it slowly and smartly. I tell you,I fell prey to this.

4).Never lose hope:The best thing to do is to forget the position you are occupying and try your best to answer every question. Once you get occupied with calculating positions and scores you tend to get tensed up and dramatically you start losing points as if you did it on purpose.

5).Pay attention: In any quiz contest,focus on the quiz master so that you won’t miss any point or any point spoiler.


Get yourself eased of everything including thirst and urine.

Get prepared with good quiz tools like your mathematical tables, calculators, pens,etc.

Follow your mind because most times instinct helps especially when you have little or no knowledge of the topic the question is based on.

Ask the holy spirit for help at all times

Do not carried away when you are winning or scared when you are losing.

………….Awaiting  your Comments…………


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