How to overcome depression

How to overcome depression


That awkward moment when you put a smile on your face but deep down in your heart,you are in pains.

That weird moment when you need someone to love you,cuddle you, encourage you but it seems you are locked up in a world of brick walls.

That moment, you feel like screaming, crying, running away or at worst….dying.

That moment, you realize you are DEPRESSED.

Depression comes once,twice in ones life mostly in the young ones due to peer pressure, a broken heart or should I say relationship, an unexpected event like death or teenage pregnancy or very high expectations from your parents, teachers and relatives etc.The list goes on and on,some can be prevented but some always pay compulsory visits.

But wait, before you sniff that white stuff or write that suicide note, do you know you can tackle depression like a pro wrestler and pin it down with any finisher. Let’s see how we can tackle depression.

Relax:Before you get so  busy, chill,calm down,relax and try to get everything straight. Whatever happens just know that depression is like a (submission hold ) in wrestling,the more you panic, the more you encourage the attacker to apply more pressure. Don’t panic, make sure you have a cool head so you won’t make silly decisions and unforgettable mistakes.

Remind yourself of those who love you and always make you happy, remind yourself of those people you love to see smile,those people whose happiness is your priority, those things you love doing without coaxing, those happy moments that always put a smile on your face when you remember it.These happy moments are your depression lifesaving kit. Those happy moment (notes, videos, pictures) should always be at hand to suppress that moment in your life.

Endeavour to share your problem with a  wise, matured, experienced individual who would be able to give you advice like if you are his/her son or daughter. This part is very important because it can either alleviate or aggravate the case. Worthy of note a highly responsible, motivating adult like your parents, teacher,spiritual leader,etc not an agemate (mostly for teens and youth).Remember a problem shared is almost solved.

Finally, the greatest. Lean on God because he said bring  all your heavy burdens and I will give you rest,Surrender wholly to him.Receive the holy spirit because he is our comforter and helper. Study Gods word because it is a spring of ever flowing inspirations. Without Jesus all other steps may prove abortive. He is the pillar that holds other tips up.So put him first in all things.

Addition tips

Avoid dull moments, they bring up sad moments and increase depression.engage in a sport,join a respectable group, meet well to do friends etc.

Don’t do drugs they don’t help,they only deceive and finally destroy.

Mind who you share your problems with, be careful.

Put it behind you,Don’t over concentrate on it, because if you concentrate on a tiny pothole problem, it grows into a ditch and finally a deadly canyon.Just jump over that problem like you just don’t care.

Finally, share this post,you don’t know who it might help


Stay real,to wisdom bank💜💓


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