Secret. Truth

Secret.   Truth



Hello guys, pls this is not a blog promoter or a story.This is a real life Boggler,in fact my own Boggler.Some months ago I clocked 17 ,it was a thing of joy to my parents, friends, siblings and of course myself.We celebrated it in our own way,not too big and obviously not too small. I was glad for sure but unlike me (the busy noisy high IQ’ed bee of the house) something in me was not celebrating the buffday.In fact that thing was seriously thinking.

Yup,I have leaved 17 years on this cosmic body called earth. Imagine I slept 5hrs everyday(I am not a big fan of sleep), played game three hours everyday,loafed around almost everyday and probably read an hour a day then it means I have slept for 4 clean years,played games for 2 years and wasted my precious time doing nothing, not to mention social networks which might take up to 48. Hours a week due to the advent of free Facebook and cheap data plan.

Everything went down to nothing and that means,I have lived for17 years without achieving anything, No award not even A watty Award.When I look at Google and see young children doing great things, I just shake my head and wish I had a time machine because I needed to start things over.In a year,I will no longer be a child but an adult and if I don’t achieve anything in my childhood that will be a bad score.I almost lost hope but I said to myself, If God can create this beautiful mysterious earth in 6 days then I can make an impact in one year.I don’t want to be like every normal kid who goes to school,work,marry,reproduce, eat and die.I want to be great and so I decided to put my dignity on line because if Ann makosinski can do it,then I can and I will. Less social network, gaming,texting,building houses and acting movies in my mind.Its time to be real and I am starting now.Time to unlock those lazy cells in my brain,time to use more than 30% of my brain,time to become a role model and time to get on the Forbes List and magazine time to front page times magazine,time to invent and not spend,time to accomplish that  mission God sent you for,time to turn that trash into a task and finally a trophy, time to create jobs and not find jobs.

I am sick and tired of being normal so I am going into abnormality and I am using a digger and some cement to imprint my footstep on the sands of time. So if you are willing,join me and say no to those distractions that turn you away from destiny.Say no to BB(whatever America or Africa), say no to unnecessary laziness, say no to excessive texting and social networking, say no to unhealthy B & G relationship(They are time wasters),say no to lazy friends too(they might discourage you from reading this)

I am out of here but when I’m back I will have a 23% percent brain power.


……..Dare me…….Start living stop existing……..


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