Secrets of staying young

Secrets of staying young 


Over the years,many has tried to discover the secret of youthfulness, some believe it can be gotten from modern synthesised drugs many believe it can be harnessed from age long practice’s such as meditation, yoga,taichi Etc.Some still think herbs like ginseng and some weird roots can keep wrinkles away.while many are stuck with science some still believe in fictious magic like methods like Rapunzel’s hair or sci-fiction power sources like justice league Vandan Savage.But the secret of youthfulness can both be summarised under a broad heading from different angles both scientifically and religiously. Let’s explore:

Cast away unnecessary problems: since I was born I have never come across a problem worries or anger could boast of solving or even alleviating. The fact that you have zits,pimples or even skin disease  does not mean you are old or ugly.Worrying kind of increases pimple production so instead of worrying.Cmon rejoice.

Surround yourself with what you love.if you read my last post about how to cope with depression. You will realise that constantly reminding yourself of those you love and those happy moments you captured in your mind or in pictures.Constantly reflecting on the happy and lovely things in your life reduces stress and keeps you younger.

Laugh often, laugh longer,laugh at any opportunity you get.the Christian bible says anger drieth up the bones but laughter doeth good like I don’t think it pays to be a hard guy once the joke comes on give it a through laugh.

Smile: anger and scowling the face might make you feel a bit serious minded and focused but there is no general law supporting that claim.Scowling has a way of depressing your facial muscles and after a long period of continuous scowling your face might assume that form and that once beautiful face will be reduced to a mask. So liven off and smile because frowning is not synonymous to seriousness.

Update your mind: an ideal mind is the devil’s workshop and a busy mind is a heavenly creation. Keep your mind busy and up to date.So many cases of idle mind can be linked to Alzheimer’s disease. So learn continually and try to remain young at heart.With time it starts showing itself to the exterior. An idle mind can serve as a haven for idle thoughts and a video playback of bad moments.

Cherish your health:eat right,cut down on your intake of sugary stuff and dive more into natural gains.Exercise regularly and if possible you can do it in groups. Mind what you watch because what you see gets entry into the gallery of your mind.Avoid unnecessary trouble and stress.NB:for every task,they are over a hundred ways to tackle it. Do not keep malice or bear grudges because malice and anger is like a two edged sword, the moment you try to hurt them you unknowingly hurt yourself.

Keep cheerful company: the company you keep determines what accompanies you.So hang out with the happy cheerful guys that are always full of natural laughter(not the type gotten from drugs and booze) .but you know you can’t hang out with the cheerful pals if you are not cheerful. The danger of following guys that complain,regret and mumur a lot is that they find a way to drain their energy  the of those around them.

So after reading these, make up your mind to live a smile-full life and a youthful regeneration scheme. Cheerio.I await your comments pips




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