School is a tremendous place to be and even a private home teacher and a governess can’t provide the amount of fun and learning environment you get from your school.The fun,socialization is way beyond our imagination. But do you know that no matter how long you stay in school learning a particular subject,you cannot never ever learn everything. So I will tell you forty (that’s a huge number) things you can’t learn in school(Never mind,you may have seen some). So let’s roll….
1)Do you know that birds fly forward(I know you know) but the only bird that can fly backward is the hummingbird.
2) The giant squid has the largest eyes in the world and a goldfish has a lifespan of just three seconds (so annoying)
3)Do you know a dolphin can sleep with one eye open and a crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.
4)Do you know a mammals blood is red, an insects blood is yellow but an octopus and a lobster’s blood is blue.
5)Do you know bats have a funny way of leaving, they always leave a cave to the left while fast,loud music makes termite chew faster.
-Cows produce more milk when music is played.
6)Do you know tigers have striped skin and not just stripped fur(so even if it shaves,its still a tiger)
7)Do you know what a toupee is..noun (plural toupees)
:-:-A wig of false hair worn to cover a bald spot, especially as worn by a man.
……Toupees for dogs are sold in Tokyo.
8)Its amazing to note that herons are fond of dropping insects into water and once fishes come up to eat them they end up as meals to the heron(primitive fishermen)
9)Do you know the largest egg in the world is the ostrich egg(8in. in length and 6in. In diameter) while the smallest egg actually belongs to our backward flying hummingbird (< 1 cm in diameter)
10)A blind chameleon can still change its colour even its its blind(this is because it changes colour due to its highly sensitive skin pigment,chromatophore)
11)A zebra is white with black stripes and not the other way round.
12)I thought this was a joke but its through… Statically you are more likely to be attacked by a cow than a shark.
13)at birth do you know the great Panda(of Asia) is smaller than a mouse,walruses turn pink if they stay out in sun too much while beavers can hold its breath for 45 minutes under water.
14)Many people have ways of scaring away predators,Human beings scream their heads off,some clench objects, some even destroy things but do you know a horned lizard squirts blood from its eyelid just to scare off enemies while vultures defend themselves by throwing up on them.
15) Another mindbuggler…Can you imagine that in weight a spider silk is stronger than steel.That is to say twelve pounds of spider silk is heavier than twelve pounds of steel( Now I know why spiderman is very strong).
16)Horses can sleep standing up while an electric eel can produce 600volts of electricity (This is big enough to knock a horse of its feet).
17) lobsters can regenerate their legs,claws, and antenna if these parts are pulled off by a predator.(so if you want to kill a lobster just snap the damn head off),Also Cockroaches can live up to two weeks with the head cut off before it starves to death(I know that animal doesn’t think).Starfishes can grow into a new starfish if all the parts are cut in pieces.
18)Parrots are good companions and they are capable of learning your Language but do you know that there have been varioy reports of parrots leaving up to a hundred and fifty years.
19)Do you know an African elephant has only four teeth in its mouth.I could not imagine this but sea snakes are the most venomous snakes.A pigeon cannot put to birth until it sees another pigeon but if its not too lucky its reflection can cause to put to birth and a dolphin can hear sound underwater from 24km away because sound travels three times faster than it travels through air..
20) ant man was a huge movie success but did you know,Ants are capable of lifting things that are ten times their weight(You know,the bigger the better) due to their notably strong neck joint and cells.
21)I have come to notice that size is not that important because a giraffe has the same number of vertebrae in its neck as a mouse.
22)Talking about birds,There are more plastic flamingos in the USA than real ones.Also,turkeys often look up to the sky during a rain Storm,unfortunately many has died as a result of this #bad# habit.
23)A snail can sleep for three years,a sheep can recognize another sheep from a photograph while unlike humans a Zebra foal(child) can run with the herd an hour Aftet his birth.
24)Do you know,A bee has five eyes and honeybees kill more people than venomous snakes.Strangely, Cockroaches can survive a nuclear Holocaust because radiation doesn’t have much effect on them as it affects other species of animals (Now people in Hiroshima were wishing they were all cockroaches.
-A porcupine has 30000 quills.
-Humans have 639 muscles while caterpillars have more than 4000 muscles.
25)Do you know polar bears(kings of the artic) can swim 62miles(100 km),they are left handed,have hairs on the soles of their feet and they have translucent furs not white furs.
26)Strangely, butterflies taste with their feet and females do all the work in the animal kingdom.The male ones are just mating machines and members of the ant army.
27)The embryos of tiger sharks fight each other to death in their mother’s womb and only the survivor is born.it is apparently a survivor of the fittest.Camels(kings of the desert) have a tremendous ability to drink up to thirty gallons(136 litres) of water at once.
28)Over to fruits…an apple,potato and onion will all taste sweet if you eat them with your nose plugged.
-Also lemon contains more sugar than watermelon.
-coconuts kill more people than sharks.
-peanuts are one of the ingredients in the production of dynamites.
The largest flower in the world is the corpse flower(Rafflesia) it grows up to 4ft. Wide and it stinks(the bigger the badder).
29)Do you know babies are born with a gap in the skull and they are actually born without kneecaps.
30)Now in general statistics….
-An average person actually laughs fifteen times a day.
-An average person swallow/eats a total of seventy insects and ten spiders.
-An average person has at least seven dreams in a night and each dream lasts for at least three seconds.
-every human has a special fingerprints, palm print and tongue print.
-an average person will breathe in at least 20kg of dust in his lifetime.
-An average person drinks at least 75,000 litres of water in his lifetime.
-An average person spends at least three years of their life in the toilet.
-An average person blinks over 10,000,000 times a year.
-One out of twenty people has an extra group.
-An average person breath about 23000 times a day.
-In one day your heart beats 100 000 times.
-an average person shares a birthday with nine million people.
31)Now let’s do some comparison…..
-Men sweat 40 percent more than women.
-Your right lung takes in more air than your left lung
-A woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s own.
-More people in China speak more English than people in USA.
-color blindness is ten times more common in men than women.
32)Do you know…..
-the wheelbarrow was invented in China
-Dr suess invented the word ‘nerd’
-the first word to be spoken on the moon was “okay”
-the shortest sentence in English is “Go”.
-your tongue is the strongest muscle in the body.
-lack of sleep kills faster than starvation.
-Its impossible to cry in space.
-cat urine glows under a black light.
-The inventor of light bulbs was in fact afraid of the dark.
-the hardest tongue twister is..”the sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick”
The dot over “i” is called a title.
33)the shortest word in English is “I” while the longest is “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”
34)No word in English rhymes with these,”month”,”orange”,”silver”,”purple”.(if you know any Tell me).
35)A favourite meal in China is sun dried maggot and surprisingly rice Contains vitamin B12.
-In Vietnam, there is a drink made of lizard blood.
-the Greek national anthem has 158 verses(if you can sing it completely then you are great)
-early Greeks and Romana used dried watermelons for helmets, bread was formerly used as an eraser while the first pillow was made of stone.
-in phillipines,the toy(yoyo) was once used as a weapon
37)in ancient Japan, public contest were held to know who could fart the longest and the loudest.
-the Cinderella story actually originated in China and the original colour of coca cola is green.
-Alfred Hitchcock did not have a belly button. It was eliminated when he was sewn up after surgery.
-Dolly Parton once lost a dolly parton look alike contest.
-Vincent van Gogh only sold one painting in his life and that was to his brother.
-Cleopatra was actually a Greek and not Egyptian.
-in 1867,Russian czar Alexander 11 sold Alaska for about $7.2million to the USA to pay off his gambling debt.
-Donald ducks comics were onced banned in Finland because he didn’t wear pants.
-Leonardo da Vinci spent twelve years painting Mona Lisa’s lips.
39)Animal facts……
-Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months two rats can have a million descendants.
-A butterfly has more than 12000 lenses in its eye.
-When awake, cats spend up to 30 percent of their time grooming.
-an elephant can smell water three miles away.
-A hippotamus can open its mouth 4ft. Wide and kill more human beings than lions.
-A sperm whale intestine are 450ft long.
-pain travels through a body at a speed of over 350ft .
-wearing headphones can increase the bacteria in your ear by up to 700 times.
40)cats spend 16 hours a day sleeping.
-twenty thousand men took 22 years to build to build the Taj Mahal and legend holds it that the emperor cut their hands off to prevent them from rebuilding something as beautiful as that.
-an alligator has 80 teeth.
-And finally; as you are reading this sentence 50000 cells in your body will have been replaced by new cells.


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