10 teachers you can’t miss in high school

10 teachers you can’t miss in high school


High school is one phase of life people are just so excited to get into because of the freedom it promises and broad scope of subject.It can be tiresome, interesting and funny.The wide range and scope of life it presents leaves students mostly teenagers with the idea that almost every moment must be memorable and must be enjoyed in high school.But sincerely Teachers have a way of affecting the learning,fun and adventure packed in high school.But definitely as you know the world go round and it is in fact spherical and that’s why a particular group of people keep recurring in every phase.So this are the types of teachers you can’t miss in any high school.No matter how hard you try;
1) Cheerful Student lovers:This kind of teachers have a passion and a natural charm for teaching. These are the kids kind of teachers that are mostly considerate in punishment and also have a beautiful way of presenting the most boring subject. Such teachers are not short of smiles and as usual cheers follow them once they want to give a common vote of thanks .Cheerful students lovers makes high school very lovely but lack of morals and abuse of privilege can turn this cheerful student lovers into disappointed object of ridicule..most cheerful children lovers are highly respected if they have self discipline but in the absence of that,teens may be explioted
2) Punishment loving Hitler:the complete opposite to the cheerful lovers.This teachers are most times synonymous to masquerades. They are always brandishing a cane and can send a student into a week long detention at the slightest mistake. Unfortunately, punishment loving hitlers are quite famous for their behaviour in a negative way.they indirectly and unknowingly sow the seed of fear,anger and possibly hatred in the mind of the teen.This teachers are predominantly cholerics and they go by the conviction that every traunt must be given a sound punishment. It is almost a thing of surprise to see a punishment loving Hitler forgive, in fact its very rare.
3) The enthusiasts: These guys believe they were born to teach and that is what they live for. The enthusiasts are not the kind to miss a school day even if they are suffering from pneumonia. They are also not the kind of chap who will allow ten minutes for the students to rest.enthusiasts are never satisfied with what they have thought and that’s why they are guilty of bulky assignment, strenuous class test and even surprise evaluation. They can teach for long hours and most times end up deviating from the main idea.This guys are fond of attending classes as early as five minutes before and they are fond of boasting about the beauty of their subjects.They can get very irritated when they realize that their efforts might be abortive.
4) Grumpy old Rogers: even if you score 2350/2400 in SAT , win a competition in his or her subject or get an A+ in his subject. He will still treat you like you don’t exist.These are the hard to please teachers who are very very famous for setting the hardest test or for having the highest grading pattern in his subject .Grumpy old Rogers is the kind of teacher that will remove two marks from your score just because you failed to add “is”.These guys are marks hoarders and when you score an A in their subject you will know you really struggled for these. They kind of make high school competitive but I don’t get how 85/100 will be graded as B.For a grumpy old roger to give you a nod or write “well done” in your work then you will know that you deserved ,scratched and really clawed for it.
5) Unforgiving Devils: Once you get tangled up in their net you will know you’ve earned a serious punishment. Unforgiving devils mostly good friends with the punishment loving Hitlers.unforgiving devils are not the kind of dudes that will catch you doing something bad and let you off without some spanking.Nothing makes them happier than a punished student in tears.to them crying is a form of redemption from that defaulters evil crime.There is nothing worse in high school than a collabo between the unforgiving devils and the punishment loving Hitlers.that kind of situation is almost equal to capital punishment.
6) The mouth Clippers:The word “CLIPPER”remind me of badlands (a movie by Daniel wu).the mouth clippers are mostly exceptional teachers but it was be nicer if they were more student loving. The mouth clippers are a bit biased to students who score very high grades in their subject,but the ones who happened to fail his test and assignment always find themselves at the end of his later weapon,his mouth.Mouth clippers vabbs better than they use the cane that is why you may find a student saying .”I like Mr Benson but he can’t control his mouth”Clippers are fond of praising a particular student over and over again. They are even fond of mocking students and even laughing at them. clippers may unknowingly sow hatred and jealousy in the heart of some students due their unusual praises and comments in their classes even while teaching.
7) The fashionistas: These kind of teachers are trend setters and colour blockers.They come in flashy attires with OMG hairdo and an aura of “Hello did you notice me”these guys or ladies would do better in a modelling agency than in a school.they are constantly the headlines of student gossips are most times the fashion gets into their head and you find them putting on ugly stuff all in the damn name of trend setting.
8) Lazy O’Brien: Once this teacher starts teaching, majority of students start sleeping and the worst part is that he doesn’t care .O’Brien can be boring and can make students less interested in a very interesting subject. O’Brien are the most boring individuals in the whole high school. In fact they remind of scream can design in Monster Inc.
9) Mr bones:this teachers teach with and iron fist and their classes are filled with fear.Most of the teachers relate better with grumpy old rogers and even when they make a mistake it is a grave sin to even break the faintest smile or else you might get crushed or thrown out of the window like Matilda’s teacher.
10) Crazy fellas:these guys are mostly science nerds .They make science classes interesting from crazy experiments,to enjoying field trips and also group research. His classes are always filled with laughter,fun and enjoyment. Basically they make science sweet.their are mostly guilty of unkempt labs,careless explosion and a crazy researcher look on their face.crazy fellas love experimenting and they are usually kept in check to prevent accident.


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