• How to win a Reality TV show(RTS)

Reality TV/Talent hunts are periodical events in the world and it involves time,popularity and talent to get to the top.Winning a RTS is like getting rich and famous after spending Weeks performing before an Audience.Reality shows like Nigerian idols,Mtn project fame,Big Brother,GCGT etc. do not the follow the same pattern but this steps will take you close to the cash price.
Let’s get straight to the point…….
1.Discover and Work on your talent:this is an important factor in an RTS where voting is not allowed. Practice,learn new grooves and moves every day of your life and not some weeks before the hard to DEVELOP YOUR TALENT
.Amarachi,the 9ja Got talent winner 2014 practiced dancing for five hours every day.spread your tentacles over your area of specialization, if its dancing,learn ballet,salsa,cultural, hip hop,etc.
2. Commit yourself to God,look unto him as your only hope,Only him can crown your effort with success, with Him all things are possible. Trust and serve him with all your heart.
3.Enlarge your Social link:If you are going to an RTS that needs vote then you need to have a very strong and big social link.develop a cl ose friendship/followership on,,,,,etc.Get popular on social Media before you even go in to compete.You can also use incentives to pull popularity and votes.Your social link should both be real and electronic, it includes friends on social media, classmates, neighbors, siblings, relations, etc.
4 .Do not overdo:Your talent is your gift,don’t try to stress it or over do it.if you have a sweet tenor voice don’t try to sing soprano to impress the Judges or fans by becoming fake.your fans like the real you.Even if the song is too high,make it conducive for you and then spice it.
5.Obey the judges: Take every advice from the judges and your fans.learn everything and don’t assume you know everything. It might be too late before you realize you were swimming in shallow waters
5.Embrace your fans and fellow contestants: be in good terms with them.after your performance flash a smile,blow a kiss[©haha].try to learn from your competitors and never get in a quarrel with will take you a long way.
6.Never give up,if you know that what you are is your talent. Then never give up.if you fail,try again.Also prepare in advance like a year and six months ahead before you go on and also blow your trumpet by voting for yourself and posting video clips on iTunes and YouTube.


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