Most times the quest of discovering ones talent seems harder than finding a needle in an office πŸ“ pin sack.
I for one found it extremely hard to discover that gold mine in me. I started πŸ“΄ dancing in a crew and even when I was good in it. I fell out because dancing requires so much commitment and if you are not gifted with the dancing then the drive to continue will be found Wanting.
Then I moved to singing since I Had this sweet voice as a kid but as a teenager the voice was a thing of the past. I had a nice tenor but I couldn’t sustain the tenor for a long time. Then I tried comedy and my success was as good as having 0 views in six months and 10 views in three months in another video and finally I stumbled upon what I really had in me… That talent I saw when I was 15 but ignored it….. That talent that gave me over 90 views in two videos on YouTube, that talent that brought me before kings, that talent that geared me towards limelight, that talent I had passion for and I could do with ease….. That talent was SPOKEN WORD Poetry. This talent showed when I was 15 but I brushed it off and called it article writing but two years later after an inspirational audition in #GCGT7, I found my path.
Talent can be revealed to you in dreams, visions, friends, parents, mentors but also it can be found in that thing you have passion for. That thing that gives you joy and comes easily even when you are not paid for it. That thing that puts you in limelight even when it was your least act……. That is your talent.

Hope you have seen your own talent… Just ask your creator and look for what you are passionate about. And don’t forget to check β˜‘ this name on YouTube to see what my talent is all about.
YouTube *:kaceynwafor



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